Thailand Travel Tips

May 17, 2012 Posted by Bangkok_Admin

Tips on Thailand Travel

Heading on your Thailand Holidays or booking your Thailand Hotels can be fairly hectic especially  during the familiar holiday times when people travel to see family and buddies or to take a well deserved trip. If you follow some simple tips, it’s going to help guarantee you’ll have one of the best and less stressful  times when you travel.

Planning that something will go wrong is the first step to planning your holiday. Being ready for issues to go wrong will minimise the worry when something does go wrong. It will allow you to have a smoother holiday as you will not have to stress about that anything might go wrong. Holidays are to be loved, not worried over. So even taking out Travel Insurance will allow you to at least not have to have extra expenses if something does go wrong.

Ensure you have all of your tickets and confirmation numbers in a particular place. Most Travel Agents offers you a travel pouch, in order that all your travel paperwork will be in the one place. It is a good idea to make a copy of the information, plus a copy of the contact number of your Travel Agent and place all of this in another location or keep it protected at home with a friend.

With the ability of the internet it is even easy to scan a copy and save it on your pc or somewhere online where you’ll be able to access it from any computer. ie Facebook or Hotmail. This way, if you lose the originals you will have all the needed information to get you by.

You should also call or E-Mail your Thailand Accommodation a few weeks before you arrive, just to verify your reservation is still active and if you have organised an airport pick up, that it is all on track.


Travel Pouch

Travel Pouch


It’s common for your Thailand Travel flights, trains, and buses to get delayed over your trip for either security issues, climate, and mainly just because the volume of people that travel over the popular Thailand Holiday periods. Be sure you have plenty of money, meals, drinks, and necessities to get you through these delays. Delays have been known to range from a few hours to a few days. (especially when the Floods occurred or when there are political protests).

If you are traveling a long distance you need to contemplate bringing along belongings to pass the time, especially if you’re traveling with children. It’s amazing what just a few extra toys will help keep the kids busy.

Misplaced luggage is without doubt one of the greatest issues when people travel throughout the holidays due to how busy everybody is. While you actually can’t prevent your luggage from being misplaced, you can do your best to have your belongings with you everywhere you travel. Ensure each person touring in your group has a small amount of clothes in each suitcase instead of making one for each person. This way everybody can have some items should a suitcase or two get lost within your travels.



Clearly label your baggage so that you’ll be sure to get yours upon reaching your destination. Too many suitcases look identical and many individuals are in a hurry when they travel for the holidays, so they may even pick up yours by mistake. Place a colorful ribbon or coloured tape upon your baggage when your suitcase is a popular shape or colour.  If you travel  frequently then you should take into account some distinctive looking baggage that can stand out.




Happy Travelling!!!!





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